At Refuge Church, there are a few passions which guide our programs and gatherings:

The Next Generation
Influence grows exponentially. If we focus on inspiring and equipping the next generation to be powerful change agents for Christ, the influence of Refuge Church will extend beyond our lifetime.

Marriage & Family
Families are the centerpiece of our communities and yet they are under constant attack. We believe focusing on healthy marriages and families lays the groundwork for transformation not just in our own lives but those around us.

Church Planting & World Missions
We believe Refuge Church is called to make history through mission giving and sending locally, nationally, and globally.

Our Dreams

Refuge Church is a community of people that believes in the power of God-given dreams. We believe that Refuge Church is a dream-factory where people get a vision from God and go for it! We want to be a part of the personal dream God has given you and we invite you to be a part of the corporate dreams God has given us…

We dream of a day when…
  • Hundreds of unchurched people are surrendering their lives to Christ every month.
  • We open new locations, beginning with one targeting Western Michigan University where thousands of students are pursuing their dreams without God.
  • We establish a ministry center in the Dominican Republic, and facilitate missions team opportunities to partners in select locations around the world.
  • 100’s of small groups are taking place all over Kalamazoo, Portage, WMU and beyond where people are growing in the Lord together and building life-long friendships.