At Refuge Church we think it’s huge to get to know and hang out with one another outside of church services. We believe we were designed to engage in quality relationships with others – cultivating friendships that are real and meaningful.


We choose to Be Real, because being fake is exhausting. The world needs the real you.


We respond to a generous God, by being a generous people. We will be characterized by giving generously of our time, talents and treasures.

Being Relevant

A church that’s a celebration, not a funeral service. Preaching God’s word in a way that actually relates to normal people with normal problems.


We honor God’s Word and His people. It’s how we attract God’s favor and blessings.

Courageous Faith

We believe God has called us individually and corporately to plans that seem impossible. Thus, we are fueled by great faith to see God do things that only He can do as He partners with us.